Death of a Salesman

Happy and Biff both are lost , Explain why ?

Death of a sales man

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Happy is unable to be happy in his relationships with women. He has to take other men' girlfriends but is soon discontented. He says in Act 1

'I just have an over-developed sense of competition or something...Like I'm not supposed to take bribes . Manufacturers off er me a hundred-dollar bill now and then to throw an order their way...I hate myself for it. Because I don't want the girl, and, still, I take it and -I love it!'

Biff idolised his father until he found him with another woman in his room when travelling as a salesman. Biff's illusions in teh decency and honour of others is ruined from this point forward, and he ceases to have any aspiration from this point.

'I don't know - what I'm supposed to want.'


'Death of a Salesman- - Arthur Miller