Death of a Salesman

Death of Salesman

How individuals can be defined by a single event and there subsequent attempts to disguise or eradicate the event? Explain according to Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller?

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One example of an event that defined one of the characters in Willy's extramarital affair in Boston, and Biff's discovery of that affair. As a result of finding his father with another woman, Biff lost all respect for Willy, and in turn, lost all desire to live up to the standards his father had set for him. His decision to skip summer school, drop out of high school, miss out on college, and to give up sports were all Biff's way of getting revenge for Willy's adultery. In the end, he has nothing that makes him happy and continues to live aimlessly.


Death of a Salesman

Biff Loman was Willy’s son. A high school sports star, but as a result of his father's discovery that he was in a relationship with a Boston woman. Biff lost all respect for Willy and therefore lost all desire to live up to the standards that his father had set for him.

His decision to drop summer school to make up for math classes, drop out of high school, miss college, and give up sports is all Biff's way of revenge for adultery and fornication.

Since then, Biff has been a constant failure, stealing in every job and even spending time in prison.

In the end, he has nothing to make him happy and continue to live lonely.

When Biff finds the woman in Willy's room, Biff sees a woman wearing a scarf and willy tells her that he feels lonely and worried about his work.

Through days his mother (Linda )confronts Biff about his enmity toward Willy, and Biff claims he is trying to change his behavior and as a result of this behavior Willy tries to commit suicide by trying to drive his car over the bridge, and Willy imagines (his imagination)he is returning to the Boston hotel room with the woman. The teenager Biff arrives at the hotel and tells Willy that he failed the math class, and asks his father to speak to Mr. Birnbaum. Biff hears the woman hiding in the bathroom. Willy lies to Biff, and tells him that the woman is only there to shower as she stays in the next room and her shower is broken. Biff realizes what's going on. Willy throws the woman, and screams at him to break the promises he made. Willy admits to Biff's case, but he promises that the woman did not mean anything to him and that he was alone. Despite his failures and anger towards his father, Biff still cares a lot about what his father thinks, Biff believed in his father’s dream, as he was demonstrating how, through hard work and determination, Biff could earn a lot of money and earn respect in America, but Biff couldn’t succeed at all. In the end, Miller makes it clear that Willy and Biff have many family problems and treason has happened. Everything has stopped. Willy has been deceiving himself, deceiving the family, and deceiving the community, leaving their dreams behind.