Death in Venice

Dream/Hallucinations of Gustave

So there are Four dream/hallucinations in the novella but im am only picking up on two of them dream I is in munich and he dreams of tropical climate and lush atmosphere. and the dream where there are "orgiastic people and he prepares to meet the "stranger-god" but im not sure where that dream happens in relation to others. then theres the dream where Tadzio is barefoot. Can someone help explain to me the different dreams nd the order they occur? thanks a bunch!!

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The first dream about the tropical climate and jungle parallels the much later description of the Ganges Delta where the cholera originates. Thus it foreshadows the origins of von Ashenbach's death.

I am not as certain about how to interpret the strangergod dream, but one posssible explanation is that is a pagan ritual designed to keep the devil at bay - von Ashenbach subconsciously trying to avoid an inevitable death.