Death and the Maiden

What is the value of the title in the play?

Why has the play been called Death and the Maiden? Does this have any relation to the context of the play? I am trying to find out the value of the title of the play in relation to what the play is about.

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"Death and the Maiden" is the title of the Schubert quartet that the doctor played for Paulina while he was torturing her. For her, it represents the beauty in society that was stripped from her by the cruelty of her torturers. Paulina longs to be able to listen to Schubert again - it would mean that she has somehow moved beyond the scarring impact of her torture and is once again able to appreciate the human experience. She believes that the only way for her to 'get Schubert back' is by putting the doctor who tortured her on trial for his crimes.