David Copperfield

Why did Steerforth leave little Emily?

Use R.A.C.E strategy

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Steerforth left Emily in the care of his servant, Littimer, because he was bored with her. Knowing he'd ruined her reputation, Steerforth even advised her to marry Littimer. None-the-less, he no longer cared what she did.


David Copperfield

1. what impression do you get of miss betsey trotwood? Do you think she is a nice person? Give reasons for your answer.

2. What made miss betsey leave in a huff?

3. Why is Peggotty angry with david's mother?

4. 'I little knew then what it was that i was leaving forver'. What is it that david leaves forever?

5. Describe Mr. Peggotty's house.

6. David is afraid for emily as she runs towards the water. do you think david's fears forbode some harm emily might come to? Give reasons for your answer.