David Copperfield

How did you find the novel?Give your views

This qustion is from the novel david copperfield.

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I think this answer really depends on what you think rather than what I think. Here is What GradeSaver has to say:

Many critics believe that when Dickens wrote David Copperfield, he was at the height of his literary proficiency. He had fewer difficulties in the creation of this novel than with any of the others which he produced, and even his main competitor, William Makepeace Thackeray, admitted the excellent skill displayed by the novelist in this case. One improvement over previous writings that one can observe in David Copperfield is Dickens’ use of fewer and less complex words and tangents, making the work much easier to follow and enjoy.

The novel’s main arena of discussion is less about “the condition of English question,” as literary critic Thomas Carlyle called it, and more about a personal journey towards true peace and happiness. David Copperfield, along with Great Expectations, certainly has less to say about societal injustices than Dickens’ other novels, notably Oliver Twist and Nicholas Nickleby. Still, social commentary is not completely absent from David Copperfield. The work makes significant points about emigration to Australia, the English prison system, unnecessarily harsh boarding schools, and prostitution. Nevertheless, Dickens is more concerned with relating an individual’s story and somehow relating to his audience something of the trials and tribulations that developed Dickens himself into the man he was.