Daphnis and Chloe

How was Shylock punished by the law? How did Antonio Prove his generosity to the jew?

Thanks Aslan....!!!!I'd be more thankful to you if you would answer me this one! O:) Shakespeare!

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Hey! Shylock really wants his pound of flesh. Portia dresses up as a lawyer and agrees that Shylock may carve his pound of flesh from Antonio. She adds, however, that there must be no blood drawn and the flesh must be exactly one pound. If Shylock can't do this, he must forfeit his life. Antonio suggests "mercy" to the Duke. He says that in exchange for his life Shylock must give away his wealth (to his daughter and Christian husband) and become a Christian himself. Really this is not merciful. To Shylock, his faith and money are integral to his soul and identity. Still, the Elizabethan audience would have been quite satisfied with the outcome. Shakespeare would, however, have made them aware of the emotional and spiritual pain that Shylock was going through.