Daisy Miller

Should we praise her for being brave, bold, courageous, daring? or is she stupid, stubborn, careless- a vulgar flirt? Is she a victim of society's many rules for females, or does she invite trouble?

Please use a quote.

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This question calls for your opinion. There is no right or wrong answer. Daisy's character is definitely rebellious..... she flouts convention and has no care for the expectations or opinions of society. We might think of her as brave, as courageously making a statement..... slapping society in the face and daring them to condemn her..... Unfortunately, there's a price to pay, and the price is her life. She becomes a social pariah, loses the man she really loves, she tempts fate, and she dies. In my opinion, I simply don't see the sacrifice as a display of bravery. I see it as prideful, foolishness.


Daisy Miller