Daisy Miller

Daisy Miller

Is Daisy scandalous? Is she a tease or a flirt consciously or unconsciously? Find a specific quote that show this quality of her and give your opinion.

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Daisy Miller The title character of the novella, James's work moves toward exploring Daisy's character as a vehicle for the clash of American innocence and spontaneity with European propriety and custom. She is a young lady from Schenectady, New York where her father is a wealthy businessman. She has traveled to Europe with her mother and brother and takes great advantage of the social scene abroad. She has enjoyed the company of many gentlemen in New York about which she easily brags but she has no intention of being more than a flirt. Daisy acts on first instinct, naturally following her reflexes and acting on her feelings. She is a symbol of America's natural innocence and looser modes of custom. She is a type, representing the American flirt. She refuses to obey the rules of European society (including that of the Americans abroad in Europe) and is thus a regular topic of gossip. She becomes good friends with Winterbourne in Vevey as they are mutually attracted to one another and he shows her favor. In Rome, she becomes very close to the Italian Mr. Giovanelli prompting further repudiation by her compatriots. When hurt by Winterbourne's rebuff, she goes too far and declares that she does not care whether she gets the Roman fever or not. Subsequently, she dies, likely as much from Winterbourne's rejection as the fever.