Daisy Miller

4) Describe Daisy and Winterbourne’s venture to the Chateau de Chillon. How does Daisy react when Winterbourne explains that he must return to Geneva? Why is this reaction such a surprise to us as readers?

Daisy Miller story

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Winterbourne takes Daisy to Chillon. He has never done anything remotely like this before, and he is tremendously excited. On the boat over he is a little relieved that she doesn’t talk too loudly or laugh too much, as he feared she might. He wonders if she is less “common” than he had initially supposed, or if he is simply getting used to her vulgarity.

At the castle, Daisy is lively and animated, responding with mock horror to all the gothic attractions of the place. History and tradition do not really interest her, however, and she spends most of the outing talking about herself and asking Winterbourne personal questions.

When Winterbourne mentions that he will be returning to Geneva in a day or two, Daisy’s mood suddenly changes. She flies into a mock rage, calling him “horrid” and teasing him relentlessly until she has elicited a promise that he will come to see her in Rome the following winter. She is silent on the way home.

We don't initially see Daisy as a silly girl, and this is how she's behaving. She's being flirtatious and acting like a child. and although this might surprise us at first we find out that this immaturity is a large part of who Daisy is.