Daisy Miller

3) For what reason does Mrs. Costello postulate that the Millers must hold their courier in such high regard? What do her statements imply about most Americans’ understanding of proper manners and social hierarchies?

daisy miller story

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"They treat the courier like a familiar friend--like a gentleman. I shouldn't wonder if he dines with them. Very likely they have never seen a man with such good manners, such fine clothes, so like a gentleman. He probably corresponds to the young lady's idea of a count. He sits with them in the garden in the evening. I think he smokes."

Mrs. Costello postulates that Daisy is overly familiar with the courier..... that he is treated as a friend by both Daisy and her mother. Snob that she is, Mrs. Costello makes clear that she believes Daisy to be common, as she doesn't even have the knowledge to understand that the "courier" is an employee. Proper manner and social hierarchies deem it inappropriate and low class to socialize with the help and uneducated, mannerless Americans don't know any better.


Daisy Miller