Daisy Miller

2) Why does Mrs. Costello (Winterbourne’s aunt) find Daisy and her family so offensive? In what ways does her opinion influence Winterbourne’s perceptions of Daisy?

question over the story of daisy miller

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She replies (Mrs. Costello), "Oh yes, I've noticed them. Seen them, heard them and kept out of their way. Calling them “horribly common,” she says they are the kind of Americans to be ignored. Daisy herself is “of the last crudity,” Mrs. Costello says, and is having “an intimacy with her mama’s courier.” Mrs. Costello then declares, “I must decline the honor of her acquaintance.”

Does it influence his opinion......... maybe. He's still interested..... she's very pretty and lots of fun, but he does know a relationship with her would not be appropriate..... they're from two different worlds.


Daisy Miller