Cry, the Beloved Country

who does Rev. Stephen Kumalo able to help and who is he not be able to help?

the main character Rev. Stephen Kumal is able to help several people in the novel, but unable to help others who are very important to him. explain who he helps, how he helps them, why and how it ultimately benefits him personally. explain who he is unable to help why and how it affects him. use passages from the novel to suport your points and opinions

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Stephen Kumalo goes to Johannesburg when he receives a letter from Msimangu informing him that his sister Gertrude is very ill. He tries to help Gertrude by going to her and removing her and her son from the questionable living situation. He hopes to bring her and her son back to Ndotsheni with him in an effort to bring his family back together. She at first agrees to accompany him back to Ndotsheni but later changes her mind.

Stephen is also hoping to help his son Absalom who has left the family to go to Johannesburg. He discovers that Absalom is in prison accused of murdering a white man. Knowing that Absalom is guilty Stephen must accept the truth. he tries to help Absalom by bringing the girl whom he has gotten pregnant to the jail and arranging for them to get married before Absalom is executed. He brings the girl back to Ndotsheni and there is some hope for some sort of restoration of family when Absalom's wife and unborn child accompany Stephen back to Ndotsheni.

In addition, Stephen is able to bring Gertrude's son back to Ndotsheni. Gertrude has asked Absalom's wife to care for her son.

Stephen also finds his brother John in Johannesburg, but he is disappointed that his brother has no interest in returning to Ndotsheni. John has rejected the values of Stephen's family and he has rejected the values of the Zulu tribe.

Stephen's biggest disappointment is that his family is a victim of the changing culture in south Africa. The tribe is broken. Young men are leaving the tribe and leaving the church to find work in Johannesburg.