Cry, the Beloved Country

What is native crime?

. Jarvis, the paper reports, was at home with a cold when intruders knocked out his servant and shot him at close range. The paper states that there are no leads, but police hope the unconscious servant will be able to furnish some information upon awakening. The paper also states that Jarvis was in the midst of writing his treatise on “The Truth About Native Crime” when he was murdered. The article closes by saying that Jarvis leaves behind a widow and two children—a nine-year-old son and a five-year-old daughter

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Native crime in this instance simply refers to the rampant criminal problem in the characters' homeland of South Africa. Jarvis represents a voice advocating the rights of black people rather than their further subjugation as the most compelling anti-criminal policy. It is therefore a tragic irony that he is killed in such a criminal manner.