Cry, the Beloved Country

Stephen learn abouT Absalom in chapter 11 that has to do with stephen's fears?

and what is the social/political context/

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There is the murder of Arthur Jarvis. He is renowned for his interest in social problems and for his efforts for the welfare of the non-European sections of the community. The murder of Arthur Jarvis is the central issue of this chapter, and proves to be the turning point of the novel. The significance of this event cannot be underestimated, even as Paton leaves the actual connection between Jarvis and Kumalo somewhat ambiguous at this point. It is significant to note that it is not a notorious racist who was killed by natives, but a renowned social reformer. This negates any possibility for any difficult political content: the murder of Arthur Jarvis becomes bleakly ironic, but also becomes so senseless that no character can justify it by any means.