Cry, the Beloved Country

similarities and differences between jarvis and kumalo

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Similarities: Both suffer during the story. I dont know anything else

Differences: Kumalo never distinguished between white and black, while Jarvis was selfish and did not respect black people

Both Kumalo and Mr. Jarvis are searching for their sons. One physically(Kumalo), and one unknowingly(Mr. Jarvis). Similarities include as well the revelations both experience prior to learning alraming news of their sons. Mr. Jarvis sees the injustice of social inequality in South Africa. While Kumalo realizes the consequences of losing tribal customs. And how Christianity can lead a population to sleep, or support oppresive ideas.

Both Kumalo and Jarvis are quiet and thoughtful. Each of them grieves over the loss of a son, yet each of them respond so beautifully- they both open their hearts. Both acted in compassionate ways. Both were humble men. Both we're beginning again as fathers with their grandsons. Both go to be alone on the morning of Absalom's execution and meet each other along the way; again both respectful and gentle. Both men come together in a new generation through the young and innocent Jarvis.

Both men are reflections of each other in a sense. As Kumalo leaves Ndotsheni for the first time and ventures beyond his comfort zone and range of knowledge he is forced to come to terms with things which would have previously upset and/or offended him. Jarvis experiences the same type of growth during his time to Johannesburg and upon returning home has a new love and respect for the people of his valley. The differences would come along the lines that Kumalo, being a man of God, never sees in terms of race. Jarvis on the other hand is a wealthy white male looking down upon all Blacks in South Africa until his eyes are opened by the work of his late son.

both of them lived in ndotsheni both of them had to face the death of their sons both of them were sympathetic

one was white other was black one was rich and other was poor one made no difference b/w whites and blacks but the other was a racist