Cry, the Beloved Country

please tell me wether this statement is correct or incorrect ?

there's a place called Ixopo in south africa , natal is inside ixopo & umzimkulu is inide natal . inside umzimkulu , there is a barren valley (ndotsheni) where Stephen kumalo lives , and there are also lush hills in umzimkulu on the outskirts of ndotsheni where the whites( and Jarvis) live . i'm so confused ... if there's anything wrong , please correct me . thanks in advance

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As far as I can tell this statement is correct.

I am not completely certain about this; "Natal is inside Ixopo & Umzimkulu is inide Natal," and I could find the information in my text. Can you tell me which chapter you found this info in?

it's in chapter 1 .... I appreciate your help

but are you sure that both Stephen and Jarvis live in umzimkulu ??

Jarvis' farm overlooks Ndotsheni.