Cry, the Beloved Country

Cry, the Beloved Country

When kumalo admits that there is "something between" him and Jarvis, and that this is the case of his fear, Jarvis asks, "is it heavy"? What is kumalos response to this question? How might you interpret his response both literally and metaphorically?

deecribe Jarvis reaction when kumalo tells him "it was my son that killed your son." Why do you think Jarvis feels no anger upon this revelation? What do you think he means when he says, " I understand what I did not understand"?


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Kumalo reponds, "It is very heavy, umnumzana. It is the heaviest thing of all my years."

From his response, we can infer that "heavy" implies burdensome.... a heaviness of the heart.

Jarvis' response is directly related to the respect and maturity of these two men. It is directly related to to a shared bond and sorrow..... the loss of their sons.


Cry, The Beloved Country