Crime and Punishment

What will Rodya do to deal with his extreme poverty ?

why did the character make this decision ?? help me please

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As far as his hunger and extreme poverty went, Rodya was not without financial prospects. He well knew that he could have lessons if he wished or could contact one of his acquaintances from school for prospects. His hunger was not such that he needed food that day and he received business prospects and a large sum of money not long after the crime, thus dismissing the chance of his poverty causing the crime. It was almost as if he had allowed himself to drift into poverty and pawn his watch in order to provide a sufficiently rational cause for his crime, retrieving his watch. His actions, however, laid to rest all thought of a superficially rational explanation for his crime. Upon committing the murder, he had no thought for either rescuing his watch or amassing as large a fortune as possible from the old woman's horde. The money he did steal, presumably to alleviate his poverty, he hid and never visited again. Thus poverty and family are displayed to be both forgotten and absorbed in the crime itself and in a deeper motive.