Crime and Punishment

What is a noteworthy scene from Crime and Punishment from any part up through part 4?

A scene that could be turned into a comic strip.

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I'm not sure what could be turned into a comic strip but the part where Luzhin insults everyone in the room is notable. Foolishly, Luzhin makes a snide remark about Dunya attaching a "pleasant significance" to Svidrigailov's hitherto unheard propositions. Dunya, enraged, tells him to get out. He does not understand, and tells her to be careful because he might not come back. She exclaims that she does not want him to come back. He basically accuses her of having an affair with Svidrigailov. She exclaims that she does not want him to come back. As the realization hits, Luzhin turns nasty and an argument involving both the ladies ensues. Luzhin takes a parting shot in saying that he may have been unwise to "disregard public opinion" about Dunya when he proposed‹and narrowly risks being beaten to a pulp by the incensed Razumikhin.



Where is this in the book? Thank you!


asking a question about the comment

Check out Chapter 2.