coriolanus was a loner,a star,a great warrior,not a great leader.discuss

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Certain warrior traits, like courage, boldness, and heroism, were once held to be virtues of character in ancient Rome. However, this play examines how the two can be contradictory; an excess of warrior virtue can mean a lack of personal virtue, as seen with Coriolanus. He epitomizes courage, but at the expense of cooperativeness, modesty, and compromise. Does the virtue of a warrior-like character translate into a greater idea of virtue? Or does having warrior-like virtues preclude the having of more personal virtues? The virtues that made Coriolanus a great soldier warrior, star... could be said prevented him from being a great leader. Certainly pride was a large part of his grandeur but also a large part of his failure as a leader. Coriolanus' fate is mainly steered by this trait; had he not been so governed by his pride, he would have been able to make amends with the people, and may not have even offended them in the first place. Some of Coriolanus' pride stems from his special abilities and his stature as a hero, and this pride keeps him from being a political leader and from being able to save his own career and life through compromise.