Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court


1. Why does Mark Twain use the device of a frame to begin and end the novel?

2. How different is Camelot from Connecticut according to Hank Morgan?

3. How does Morgan save his life and earn the favor of the King?

4. How does Morgan use both Science and Superstition to establish his identity in Camelot?

5. How does Morgan become The Boss of Camelot?

6. Why does Sir Sagramour challenge Morgan to fight a duel with him?

7. Why does the King choose Morgan to go hunting for the abducted princesses?

8. In what way does Sandy play the part of a faithful companion?

9. Who is Morgan le Fay? How does she reflect the evils of the age?

10. Why does Morgan go to the Valley of Holiness? How does he work the miracle?

11. How does King Arthur display the positive side of his personality during his tour of the countryside?

12. How do the tough experiences of life make Arthur a just King?

13. How are the King and the Boss saved from execution?

14. How does Clarence prove to be a trusted servant and friend of the Boss?

15. How does the Boss transform Camelot into a modern city?

16. How does the Boss defeat the knights in the tournament?

17. Why does the Boss leave Camelot?

18. What startling changes take place in Camelot in the absence of the Boss?

19. Why do the Boss and Clarence shift to the Merlin’s Cave?

20. How do the army of the Boss manage to vanquish twenty five thousand knights?

21. How does the Boss get wounded?

22. How does Boss meet his end? Explain the irony of reversal in the last scene?

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9) Morgan Le Fay- A wicked and cold-hearted Queen who harbors Hank and Sandy for two days while they traveled to the Ogre's Castle. During their stay, Hank forces her to release her prisoners and saves an old woman from her vengeful hand.



3) Mark Twain recreates the medieval age through its superstitious and ignorant people. Clarence believes that a spell has been cast on the prisoner's cell and hence it is impossible for him to aid Morgan's escape. Morgan, being a practical modern man, does not believe in the powers of Merlin or the superstitious beliefs of the people. Later, he will try to educate the people to not be so superstitious and gullible. Now, however, he takes advantage of the ignorance and false beliefs of these illiterate people to declare himself a magician capable of creating calamities.


4) Since science has not yet made its advent in the 6th century, the common people have no base of knowledge on which to identify an eclipse. Morgan uses science to defend himself from his superstitious enemies, performing the first miraculous feat that will convince the people to listen to him. He gains credibility and thus influence by lying to the people. Later, he will use his credibility and influence to teach the people not to be so ignorant.


The city (sky) goes dark, and the King believes it to be caused by Morgan's magical powers. The King makes a deal with him, which includes Morgan becoming the King's minister and receiving compensation.

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which question is the answer about the sity sky for?

Sorry, that ws the answer to number five.