in the book "Confessions" by Augustine, explain how it carries on worldview values of Greco-Roman civilization while simultaneously distinctively Christians

focuss on the worldveiew values

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I read St. Augustine but had to look this up. Here is an excerpt from a good article. The source is at the bottom,

In the broader world, the cultural clash between Greco-Roman culture and Christianity intensified in the sack of Rome in 410 C.E., for which the Christians were blamed. A prominent church leader, St. Augustine responded with The City of God Against the Pagans in defense of Christianity. Unsurprisingly, he grounded his refutation of pagan art/myth in the content detailing the Greco-Roman gods’ immorality: “Are we to ask eternal life from gods who are pleased by games and plays, and who are placated by these things when their crimes are represented in them?” St. Augustine issued a clear denunciation of Greco-Roman myth: “the whole of the mythical theology, [is] rightly judged worthy of condemnation and rejection!”19