Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway

I want to know about his themes in storytelling

I want to know, by referring to all novels, what his themes were.

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I love Hemmingway. I don't have room or time to allude to all his works but I would like to comment on your question. Many of Hemmingway's themes had much to do with dignity under pressure. His experiences in WWI are often personified within his stories. Consider his short story In a New Country where an American feels lost and vulnerable recuperating in an Italian hospital. Then there is his Spanish Civil war masterpiece For Whom the Bell Tolls (too much to write on that!)My favourite story is probably The Old Man and the Sea. Here an old Santiago struggles to recapture some sense of the man he used to be. He sees in the desperation of battle with the great Marlin his own greatness and his own fallibility. Hemmingway also wrote about the dysfunction in relationships between man and women. (ex. Hills like White Elephants)Women didn't enjoy flattering roles but there is something more here about the differences between genders. I could go on but I'll stop before this gets too long.