Comedy of Errors

Rewrite in your own words the story of Aegeon's life

comedy of errors

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I was born in Syracuse and I married a woman name Emilia. I lived with her in joy. I was traveling to epidamnum, when my agent died, so I had to settle my business there , I was apart from my wife for 6 months when my was pregnant, she decide to come to epidamnum. She arrived safely but a few months later we had twins!! In the same hotel another poor lady had twins as she couldn't keep Her children so, we kept them as slaves for each of our sons. It was not long when my wife asked me if we can go back to Syracuse I couldn't refuse so we made arrangements and went to Syracuse. In the middle of our trip our ship sank so we found a spare mast and I tied my wife, one twin son and one twin servant to one side of the mast and I tied myself with one twin son and one twin slaveto the other sid elf the mast . Unfortunately the mast broke into 2 pieces and one fisher boat found my wife's side of the mast and another found my side of the mast but before I could catch up to her she went away. So my son grew up and 7 years ago we went in search for my long lost wife and twin son. I searched everywhere and Ephesus was the only place left so I had to come here.