Comedy of Errors

In Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors, discuss the ending and the resolution of the various problems that face the character.

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Angelo and the Second Merchant are walking together when they see Antipholus of Syracuse wearing the necklace. Angelo approaches Antipholus, calls him a liar, and demands to be paid. Antipholus challenges Angelo to a duel, but they are interrupted by the arrival of Adriana. She tells Angelo to hold back and tells him that Antipholus is mad. Dromio urges his master to run before they get caught and bound, at which point they run into the priory, where the Abbess lives.

The Abbess emerges and inquires about the large throng of people. Adriana tells her that Antipholus has become mad. She then tells the Abbess that she thinks Antipholus is also looking at other women, to which the Abbess replies that Adriana should have rebuked him more often. Adriana then demands that she be allowed to fetch her husband, but the Abbess will not let anyone enter her home, nor will she send her own servants to get the two men.

Adriana and Luciana are upset about being treated so badly by the Abbess and decide to plead their case to the Duke. The Duke then arrives with Egeon and the executioner. Adriana falls to her knees and tells him what has happened to her husband, after which the Duke calls for the Abbess to be brought forward.

Antipholus of Ephesus and his Dromio arrive in a rage, and Antipholus demands that the Duke grant him revenge on Adriana for the way she has treated him. Egeon recognizes his son but does not yet say anything to the Duke. Antipholus meanwhile tells the Duke everything that has happened to him that day, and provides several witnesses to prove his story. The Duke then calls for the Abbess again.

Egeon tries to get Antipholus of Ephesus to recognize him, but his son no longer knows his father. The Abbess arrives with both Antipholus of Syracuse and his servant Dromio, both of whom immediately recognize Egeon and call out to him. The Abbess then reveals that she is Emilia, Egeon's wife who was separated from him when their ship broke apart on the rocks. Soon the entire story is revealed to the Duke, who then pardons Egeon.

Everyone leaves the stage and enters the priory, except for the twins who stay. The brothers Antipholus rejoice and exit the stage, at which point the two Dromios try to figure out which one of them should enter the priory first, since the senior twin normally would take precedence. They decide that since, ³we came into he world like brother and brother, let's go hand in hand, not one before another."