Comedy of Errors

how are S.Ant and S.Dro save?

act v, pages 131, 133, 135

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Antipholus of Syracuse and Dromio of Syracuse, unaware that they have doubles in Ephesus, seek shelter from the madness of their mistaken identities in the Abbey. When the Duke and Adriana come seeking the release of who they think is Adriana's husband, Antipholus and Dromio of Ephesus show up, confusing everybody because they all think that Antipholus and Dromio are in the Abbey. At this point, the Abbess (who has figured out the confusion) comes out and declares that she is Egeon's wife, and she explains that Antipholus and Dromio of Syracuse are the long lost twins of Antipholus and Dromio of Ephesus.