Sir Thomas Wyatt: Poems

Please explain sir thomas wyatt's poem "A Revocation"

--Since Faith is dead,
And Truth away
From you is fled?
Should I be led
With doubleness?
Nay! nay! mistress.

I promised you,
And you promised me,
To be as true
As I would be.
But since I see
Your double heart,
Farewell my part!

Thought for to take
'Tis not my mind;
But to forsake
One so unkind;
And as I find
So will I trust.
Farewell, unjust!

Can ye say nay
But that you said
That I alway
Should be obeyed?
And--thus betrayed
Or that I wist!
Farewell, unkis

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In looking at the words Wyatt uses, we can infer that his 'promised' love has been unfaithful, and that he's having none of it. This poem is most certainly inspired by Wyatt's wife, Elizabeth Brooke, with whom he separated on the grounds of adultery (she was unfaithful).