Civilization and Its Discontents

Civilization Beyond Earth trainer/cheat by Gamingcounter

Activate the Civilization : Beyond Earth trainer by pressing F1 at main menu

See below for hotkeys and Civilization : Beyond Earth cheats

Reset Unit Moves

Unit Can Attack

Super Unit

Super Unit XP

Super Energy

Super Culture

One Turn Troops

One Turn Buildings

Fast Research

Mega City Food

Mega City Population

Add Harmony

Add Purity

Add Supremacy

Reset Harmony

Reset Purity

Reset Supremacy

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Civilization : Beyond Earth PC Trainer supports all operating systems. Trainer is tested for safety and as such does not affect the gameplay in any way. No crashes, glitches or freezes. Trainer tested and working on retail, steam and cracked versions of the game. See below for full Civilization : Beyond Earth trainer options – cheats list