Civil Disobedience

How does Thoreau believe a citizen should act when their government enacts unjust laws or policies?

Also, what injustices did Thoreau believe were being committed when he wrote his essay? Thoroughly describe Thoreau's argument, using direct quotes from the text if necessary.

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Thoreau affirms the absolute right of individuals to withdraw their support from a government whose policies are immoral or unjust. He takes issue with the brand of moral philosophy that weighs the possible consequences of civil disobedience against the seriousness of the injustice. The methods of resistance Thoreau condones in his essay are pacifist and rely principally on economic pressure; for example, withholding taxes in order to drain the State of its resources and hence its ability to continue its unjust policies. The ultimate goal of civil disobedience is not to undermine democracy but to reinforce its core values of liberty and respect for the individual. You can check out this and similar themes below: