City of Thieves

what made lev consider koyla a friend

lev takes an instinctive dislike to koyla yet comes to consider him his friend. What was the turning point in their relationship?

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Vika glanced up at me and smiled. It wasn’t the cold carnivorous smile I had seen before. She seemed surprisednby my comment, as if she had just heard a mongoloid whistle Fur Elise without missing a note. “Yes, he mattered to Markov, You’re a strange one.” “Why?” “He’s a twisty little devil.” said Koyla, giving me an affectionate pinch in the kidney.” ”but he plays a nice game of chess.”

“Why am I a strange one?” “Markov’s not important,” she said “I’m not important, You’re not important. Winning the war, that’s the only important thing.” “No” I said, I dissagree. Markov was important. So am I and so are you. Thats why we have to win.” Koyla raised his eyebrows, impressed that I was standing up to the fanatic. “I’m especcially important, I’m writing the next great novel of the twentieth century.” ”You two are half in love,” she said. “Do you know that?” (P.188)

This is the turning point where they have finally attained a true friendship.


City of Thieves