Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Who or what I responsiple for Santiago's murder?

Who or what is guilty to argue in cronicle of death fore told?

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Just as Marquez gives all of his characters a measure of innocence in Santiago's death, so too he gives them a measure of guilt for the murder. Angela, clearly, tells Santiago was her lover, which likely is not true. Bayardo and the Vicario twins are also clearly guilty-the one for returning the bride, which set vengeance in motion, the others for actually committing the murder. But other less likely characters share guilt in the story as well. Santiago Nasar himself, for instance, sexually abuses his servant, Divina Flor, and in turn Divina-who admits that in the bottom of her heart she wants Santiago dead-likely allows the twins to kill him.

This causal chain of guilt touches less central characters as well-the mayor, for instance, who is too busy worrying about his dominoes game to prevent the murder, and the priest, who is too busy worrying about the bishop's visit. Garcia Marquez suggests that the members of the town-almost all of whom could have stopped the murder-abet it both through their actions and their inactions.