Chronicle of a Death Foretold

mistreatment of women

I am currently writing a paper about how I think women are mistreated in this book. I was supposed to find atleast five passages from the book that give examples of women being mistreated, but can only find 3 solid passages that would prove my point. can anyone direct me towards other passages and pages numbers where women are being mistreated? need help please!

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The novel revoles around main characters Angela and Santiago. Angela lives in a world where it is necessary to adhere to extreme societal and cultural expectations, without which she will find herself an outcast in the community.

Angela is perceived as the perfect woman; she has been trained in the duties of marriage (washing, ironing, cooking, cleaning, and even embroidery); she is accomplished in all of the things that matter in successfully running a household.

Her mother Pura makes the claim that “any man will be happy with [Angela] because [she has] been raised to suffer” (Marquez, 34). Thus, Angela is seen by all as the epitomy of an ideal woman simply because she meets the standar set by her community. What doesn't immediately hit us here is that the author is actually criticizng the community because if all of these talents aren't attained the women seen lacking suffer. If you can't do your job (wife, mother, homemaker) you are shunned from the community.

Women are also expected to retain their purity, or they are considered unmarriageable. In answer, Angela attempts to conceal her impurities so as not to lose her place in society. She wears a veil (something considered profane in those who've lost their virginity), taking the chance of being severely disciplined if discovered.

Men in the society do not experience the same set of expectations. Santiago is portrayed as the superlative male; he has a strong personality. Margotdecalred, “there couldn’t have been a better catch than [Santiago]… Just imagine: handsome, a man of his word, and with a fortune of his own at the age of twenty-one” (Marquez, 20). From this we see that the attributes of a good man are limited to looks, money, honesty, and the fulfillment of societal obligations.

Females depicted in this novella had to work harder to uphold their duties, whereas the man just had to be born into good circumstances. Things that would have brought banishment to women were okat for the men, and example being Santiago's molestation of Divina, something he partook in every time he had the opportunity, in addition to having numerous affairs.

Women are mistreated throughout this novella simply because they are considered imperfect. Angela is returned to her mother immediately after her marriage because Santiago discovers her impurity. her mother beats her mercilously, but when asked what happened by her brothers, she once again lies. They kill Santiago in revenge; they're tried, the family found guilly and shunned, and yet Angela still won't tell the truth because of what could happen to her.


Chronicle of a Death Foretold