Chronicle of a Death Foretold

how is Santiago Protrayed compared to Bayardo

compare and contrast the protrayal of Santiago Nasar in chapter 1 with that of Bayardo San Roman in chapter 2.

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Santiago is described as being a slim and pale young man; he has dark Arab eyes and curly hair. An only child, Santiago inherited his his love for guns, falconry and horses from his father. He was also a gutsy guy, well known for his common sense, and his foresightedness that was said to have been passed down from his mother.

Women find Santiago attractive. When he stops for coffee he is confidant enough to tell Divina Flor, "The time has come for you to be tamed," when she serves him. A little while later, the narrator's sister Margot asks him for breakfast; she also finds him attractive.

Bayardo is different than Santiago in that he doesn't seem to have that same kind of confidence with women. When he arrives in town he is looking for a wife rather than a conquest. Bayardo attempts to woo Angela with gifts; he meets the family as is proper, and he is prepared to but her whatever home she likes. He acts like a gentleman, goes through all the proper channels, but remains unaware that the virginity he assumes she has held onto has been lost. Bayardo has a code of honor and he expects to be treated with the same kind of respect he bestows but is deceived. Angela's deception is met with Bayardo's return of her to her family, and yet she never wanted to marry anyway.


Chronicle of a Death Foretold

bayardo san roman and santiago nasar are somewhat similiar to some extant due to the fact that both men are wealthy and have the same luck with girls. as prevalent as this may be, we also see bayrdo with much pride and selfishness; he struggles with societal demands made on him.. for example he woos angela vicario , her bride to be, as is right, he goes to meet her parents. etc.

santiago nasar has faith in his looks, his charm, thses qualities are his good luck charm if i should say so myself. he uses his features to get to his women and have great confidence in doing so.