Chinese Cinderella

What great question is the book addressing?

Consider what problem and possible resolution the author suggests. Tie into themes if possible. Cite evidence

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I believe the biggest question and theme posed within this novel is how to gain acceptance, especially from those who are supposed to accept and love you unconditionally.


Adeline's story is that of an unwanted daughter, seeking acceptance within her own family. Although the reader can clearly see the actions of the Yen family as twisted and wrong, it is evident that young Adeline's happiness stems exclusively from the approval of these deeply flawed people. Indeed, Chinese Cinderella shows us that the drive for acceptance does not depend on the quality of the group we seek to belong to; rather, it is innate and entirely encompassing. As the author herself states, "Although this story was written when I was in my late fifties, inside I am still the same little five-year-old yearning for the love of my parents."