Chinese Cinderella

what are adelines hrdships

answer it in an essay form 1 page

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I'm sorry, this is a short answer forum. We do not write student essays. Adeline suffers many hardships because her father and older siblings blame her for their mother's death (she died in childbirth). Adeline is both physically and emotionally abused. Her step-mother doesn't even attempt to hide her dislike, and Adeline's successes at school are not only ignored, they cause her to be sent away to boarding school.

Adeline endures the harship of not gaining the sense of belonging that a ordinary family would offer. As she is seen as "bad luck", she is constantly reminded by her siblings that they do not see her as a member of their family. The treatment of Adeline results in her trying to gain a sense of identity within her school work by attempting to make her father "proud" of her.