Chinese Cinderella

Some examples in "Chinese Cinderella" of Adeline not being wise.

Some examples of and quotes of adeline not being so wise

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In terms of Niang, this incident would be considered unwise. I personall applaud the way Adeline speaks up for Lillte Sister.

 When separated from Aunt Baba by Niang, Little Sister starts to scream and struggle. After breaking Niang’s pearls, Niang loses her temper, and sets about “beating her daughter in earnest” (34). While all the others look on silently, Adeline cannot restrain her cry, “Don’t hurt her anymore. She is only a baby!” (35) Niang does not appreciate the outburst and declares that she “shall never forgive” (35) Adeline.


Though they agree to stay loyal to Ye Ye and walk instead of buckling under Niang, one by one they slowly give in. Adeline remains resolute, walking to school in the rain and cold, though she feels isolated when her siblings are invited into the “Holy of Holies” to collect their allowances each week.