Chinese Cinderella

Quotes about schilling family

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My name is Georgia and I have a few simple questions that could help me put the pieces of this puzzle I need to do an essay of this book.

could you please please please find some quotes about the Schilling family characteristics and some quotes about little sisters (niangs born daughter) characteristics and how she played a part in this book.

i would really apreaciate if you could reply ASAP as this is due tomorrow.

tha is Grade saver. You have saved my life as well as my grades.

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“My heart gave a giant lurch as her words sank in. For a dazzling moment, I knew with every fiber of my being that somehow, against all odds, Aunt Baba had come to my rescue! The whole of me was vibrating with joy, and I ran as fast as I could towards the visitors’ lounge, followed by Mother Marie.” Chinese Cinderella, p.136

The joy exhibited by Adeline when she is given reason to believe that her savior has come at last is heart wrenching. After all the misfortune that has befallen this young girl in her eleven years of life would lead one to believe that something had to break right. In a strange way, something finally did. Even though Aunt Baba, who the reader views as the primary positive adult figure in Adeline’s life, had still not taken an active role in helping her situation, the Schillings turned out to be an unexpected blessing. The quote shows the utter joy that our otherwise steadfast protagonist lets break through, a revealing relief after putting on a brave face. As much as Adeline is working hard to not let the unfortunate turns get to her, the outpouring of emotion shows how much she actually needed something to go her way.