Chinese Cinderella

How is the relationship between victor and Claudine different from the relationship between Adeline and her brothers?

is on Chapter 16

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The trip on the British flagship China Star is highlighted by the friendliness of Adeline's cousins, Victor and Claudine. Fair and educated, they care about making sure that Adeline has a good time and is treated equally. Adeline is stunned that the distribution of the beds inside the cabin is distributed by the drawing of lots, not by age. At night, Adeline would fantasize about being adopted by them. Although Niang does not seem angry when she sees that Adeline has returned, Adeline looks to avoid her at all costs. She is sheltered by Ye Ye before there can be greater repercussions at her arrival. Various family outings are then organized, all which leave out Adeline. Victor is quick to note this and proclaim his disapproval.