Chinese Cinderella

Hiang's description of the living quarters in the Shanghai house tell you about her attitude towards her stepchildren? Be specific

niangs attitude towards her step children

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The description of the living quarters tells us that she favors her own children far above her step-children.

"The house was situated deep in the heart of the French Concession. The house had three floors. Upstairs on the first floor, Father and Niang occupied the best room. James nick-named their bedroom the "Holy of Holies". Franklin and Susan's room was also located on the same floor. The other children along with Aunt Baba and Ye Ye shared the second floor. Aunt Baba and Adeline shared the same room, while Ye Ye got his own, Gregory, Edgar and James shared another. It was understood that the second-class residents where not allowed to set foot in "Holy of Holies" However, they, the first-class (and first-floor) residents roamed their quarters at will. Later Lydia was given a room on the first floor, and went over to "their side"."

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