Charlotte's Web

What are the character's names that appear in Charlotte's Web?

Including fern's family,neighbors,barn owners,fern'sfriend,Barn animal's names including Charlotte's babies who stayed at the barn.

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The main characters in the novel Charlotte's Web are:

Wilbur (a pig)

Charlotte (a spider)

Templeton (a rat)

Goose and Gander (stuttering geese)

Fern Arable (daughter of the Arables)

Avery Arable (son of the Arables, Fern's older brother)

Dr. Dorian (a local doctor)

Lurvy (a clumsy farmhand)

Mr. & Mrs. Arable (Fern's parents who own a farm)

Mr. & Mrs. Zuckerman (aunt and uncle of Fern)

The Minister (told about the web)

Henry Fussy (a local boy)

Old Sheep (sheep)

Lamb (a lamb)