Charlotte's Web

The farmers are in general the antagonists, so how they solve the conflict about killing Wilbur through the story?

I need to write a paper about the conflicts in the book. One of them is character vs character, or Wilbur vs the farmers. So I need to tell how the struggle or conflict was solved or treated. Any idea is appreciated!

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Wilbur is a pig, he was bred for food (I think you know that). Our first conflict comes when Wilbur is born. He 's a runt, and Fern wants to keep him. Thus, our conflict is between Fern and her father, Mr. Arable. The problem is solved when Fern wins Wilbur a reprieve and takes him under her wing as a valued pet. A pet so loved she treats him like a baby. Initial conflict resolved.

The second conflict arises when Wilbur is sold to Mr. Zuckerman, who intends to fatten him up for Christmas dinner. The conflict—Zuckerman wants to kill Wilbur/ Wilbur doesn't want to die. The solution comes from Charlotte, who decides there must be a way to save Wilbur by communicating to the farmer that he's special. She does this by spinning words into her web, and when entered into the fair he is seen as a part of a miracle. Wilbur returns home not as a part of family dinner, but as a part of the family. His death sentence has been lifted.


Charlotte's Web

Thanks for your help Jill !!! Sometimes we have the response in front of our eyes and we don't see it!!

I appreciate your help