Cat's Cradle

why does Dr. Asa Breeds son leave the world of scientific research?

This question is from the book Cat's Cradel by Kurt Vonnegut. It's in chapers 33-35

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The exodus of Dr. Breed's son from the world of scientific research to the world of art is another commentary on the destructiveness of technology and its effects on humanity. Vonnegut used Dr. Breed's son as a counterexample to the scientist without a conscience who inflicts his creations on humanity with no concern for their effects. His decision to leave science following the destruction of Hiroshima reveals his discomfort with the implications of his work and again suggests that science is not an absolute good (as Dr. Breed believes). This point is directly tied to Vonnegut's rejection of the truth as innately good, considering his emphasis on the fact that the miraculous discovery of splitting atoms led to destruction and evil results.