Cat's Cradle


Please describe these characters in detail.

Horlick Minton

Claire Minton

H. Lowe Crosby

Hazel Crosby

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Horlick and Claire Minton - John met Horlick and Claire on the plane to San Lorenzo, where he was planning to interview Julian Castle for a magazine article. Horlick was the new America ambassador to San Lorenzo. Horlick, the new American ambassador to San Lorenzo, delivered a speech that argued against the murderous consequences of patriotism and nationalism. He declared that all soldiers who died in war were "murdered children." Shortly after, he died in an accident.

H. Lowe and Hazel Crosby - John met Lowe and Hazel on the plane to San Lorenzo. They were traveling to the island to investigate the possibility of moving their bicycle manufacturing business to the island because they found U.S. labor regulations too restrictive. Lowe and Hazel are characterized by the ignorant hubris of typical Americans.