Catching Fire

Why did President Snow decide to do a "deadly" 75th Hunger Games this year?

Snow has created another Hunger Games, where -- Katniss has heard -- will be deadly. Why did Snow want to put the Victor's of the 74th Hunger Games into the 75th Hunger Games?

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Every 25 years there is a Quarter Quell that marks the anniversary of the Capitol's victory over the districts. There is usually some twist in the games that are extra deadly to the tributes. President Snow really wants Katniss dead and these games are designed to do this.



Wait, you said, "EVERY 25 YEARS?!" What?!?! Why? I dont think thats very fair aslan right? like, their moms and dads arer like, "hey where did our kids go why are they not here honey what happened to them where are they?!"