Catching Fire

What are some similarities and differences of district 12 and district 11?

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Like District 12, District 11 is one of the poorer districts in panem. District 12 is primarily concerned with mining. District 11 is concerned with agriculture, orchards, fields of wheat, and cotton. People in District 11 tend to have darker skin.

Similarities - both are the poorest districts

Differences - District 11 is agricultrue, orchards, fields of wheat and cotton. Dark skin. District 12 is mining. They have both black and white people.

District 12 is the poorest district. District 11 is the first to last district to be poor. That's one similarity I just listed. The others include:

At least that's what i think their similarities/differences are. if i am wrong, please tell me.


Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins