Catching Fire

what are some quotations about starvation in the novel. I am trying to write an essay about how even though the people were starving and had to fight for food

I think it is in the first part of the novel not sure

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These are all from ch 10.

Bonnie nods. “We took what we could, but food's been so scarce. That's been gone for a while.” The quaver in her voice melts my remaining defenses. She is just a malnourished, injured girl fleeing the Capitol.

This morning I purposely overstuffed my game bag with food, knowing my mother would see the depleted pantry and assume I was making my rounds to the hungry. I was actually buying time to go to the lake without her worrying. I intended to deliver the food this evening on my return, but now I can see that won't be happening.

Yeah, eat up,” I say. Bonnie holds the bun as if she can't quite believe it's real and then sinks her teeth into it again and again, unable to stop. “It's better if you chew it.”