Catching Fire

As their troubled mentor and fellow victor, Haymitch is somewhat of a joke in the first book. How does his role expand in Catching Fire?

Catching Fire

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Haymitch Abernathy is a known drunk. Katniss is often frustrated with her mentor and the squalor he chooses to live in. However, in Catching Fire, Katniss learns the reasons behind his behavior. She and Peeta view a tape of the second Quarter Quell, the Games Haymitch won. Unlike them, Haymitch had to watch the other tributes from District 12 die, including his ally Maysilee Donner. When Katniss meets the morphling addicts from District 6 in training, she starts to piece together the root of Haymitch's drinking. It is a coping mechanism that has turned into an addiction. Her sympathy for him is short-lived, however, as his role in the destruction of the arena comes to light at the end of the book. Katniss feels betrayed by Haymitch for not keeping his promise to keep Peeta alive. But Haymitch's act is in the best interest of the rebellion. In his own way, Haymitch is a hero of Catching Fire.


Haymitch is a drunk person . . .