Chapter 13

Summarize Yossarian's debriefing after Ferrara.

How does this mission lead Yossarian to think/act/talk in the way he does throughout the rest of the book?

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Colonel Cathcart is in trouble for failing to destroy the bridge at Ferrara for an entire week. He blames Yossarian, who took evasive action on the first round, although the others missed the target on the first round and it was Yossarian who hit the bridge on the second try. Yossarian suggests that Cathcart cover up this humiliation by giving Yossarian a medal for going around twice and promoting him to captain. Colonels Cathcart and Korn agree this is a good cover-up and promise to do so. Yossarian now understands that truth in the army is malleable and depending on who is trying to look good:all it takes is manipulation.