Call of the Wild

why dose buck loe john thorton ?

chapter 6

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Buck loves him because he shows his need for Buck, repeatedly demonstrating that Buck can help him in ways that others can't. Under John's ministering, Buck's horrible wounds heal, but he is as wild as ever. He expresses his love with real bites, and he receives love by allowing John Thornton to roughly dominate him. At the same time, this period reveals Buck's deepest connection with the human world. When he is hitched to the one-ton sleigh, he knows exactly what John Thornton wants him to do. He understands the power struggle of the humans around him as well as he understands that of the dogs. One of John Thornton's qualities is that he understands and loves Buck for his wildness. He recognizes Buck's desire to work and to labour. The lovable Skeet and Nig also take pleasure in the work John Thornton gives them, but only Buck is eager and ready to do anything that John Thornton asks of him.